Hyphen Collective presents CLOUD SEDIMENTS, 9-13 March 2022 at AmbikaP3.

The meeting of clouds and sediment suggests an intersection of disparate temporalities and materialities – time in fleeting or geological registers, matter as diffuse and fugitive or compressed and layered. Clouds are mutable, transient and can be seen from afar but merge into surroundings up close, while sediment carries the weight of millennia in skin-like layers, each of which is an accumulation of histories. The works presented in this Hyphen Lab address these convergences through dealing with matters of temporality, embodiment, recording, ecological practice, social ecologies and more-than human life. 

Participating artists include: Shannon Alonzo, A.S.T, stav B, Hanjo Berressem, Manuela Johanna Covini, Ifor Duncan, Amanda Egbe, Lydia Halcrow, monika jaeckel, Matthias Kispert, David McEwen, Harry Meadows, mirko nikolic, Ellen Nolan, Verónica Pasada Álvarez, Sensory Design Studio, Arne Stögren, Jol Thoms, John van Aitken

Find out more on the Hyphen website.