I am a visual artist, conceiving and manifesting an interdisciplinary body of work, that I have been developing and evolving, since I completed my MA in Photography. Spoken word, Live Art, Installation, Video and Sound. My current practice combines all of these elements, which have been incorporated and synthetically established for a multimedia presentation. Utilising my existing skills in conceiving and making performance/ video/ sound pieces is the starting point of my research.

My work is placed at the junctions of visual art and performance, and deals with the on-going theme of (sexual) identity, love, the politics of the female gaze, the aesthetics of beauty, obsession and transformation, nature and evolution. The linear progress of my body of work (from sketches to sound) has shaped my direction and focus. As I progress in the making of the work, I will go back in time for a future exhibition: analogue media is re-introduced for the expression and authentic validation (typewriters, Polaroid, 35mm and 120mm film and slides).