I studied Graphic Design at Pontificia Bolivariana University in Medellín-Colombia. In 2017 I graduated from my MA in Arts and Visual Culture at the University of Westminster. I am interested in contemporary artistic practices that aim to raise political concerns to improve the life of communities at risk within cities, throughout visual culture.

In 2018, I started to work with my tutor Dr. Margherita Sprio and joined the PhD. My PhD project is based on the work I have already conducted, in London with Mapping Memories and the work I have done in Colombia let me realised about the importance of the images for the migrant experiences. I have been able to understand why in London minor ethnic communities are losing the sense of belonging that they have with certain spaces, and the contemporary processes for the inclusion of the Latin American community in the process of urban change, allowing questions to emerge about what will happen in Elephant and Castle. In addition to this, I have developed an interest in the impact of gentrification for the Seven Sisters Indoor Market, which is also a meeting place for Latin Americans, and it also represents the tropicalisation of London. In terms of Mike Davis’: “Latin American immigrants have a genius for transforming dead urban spaces into convivial social places” (2001,p65), and that is what happened in Elephant and Castle and Seven Sisters Indoor Market. The project seeks to understand the concept of Latin American identity as an agglutinant in said diasporic communities from the practices of representation that are integrated into film and photography.