Moving Image and Media Aesthetics is a longstanding area of research excellence at CREAM. Our researchers are internationally recognised for works exemplifying practice-based, decentred, decolonial, feminist, theoretical, historical, and interdisciplinary approaches. Our key research themes encompass experimental and creative non-fiction; moving image in global contemporary art; artists’ moving image; cinematic arts of the global south and global majority; film and moving image curation; artistic and creative processes in television; transmedia storytelling and aesthetics; technology and creative media aesthetics. 

Our researchers operate within academia and beyond, often assuming multiple roles as academics, artists, filmmakers, curators, producers and cultural leaders. CREAM researchers work closely with each other across all our research areas. 

CREAM research groups and platforms affiliated with Moving Image and Media Aesthetics include Ecological Futurisms and Moving Image Review and Journal (MIRAJ). Our researchers regularly curate exhibitions and organise research and public engagement events at the University of Westminster’s exhibition spaces Ambika P3, Regent Street Cinema, and London Gallery West.