Lola Olufemi is curating the public programme for the South London Gallery exhibition, Acts of Resistance: Photography, Feminisms and the Art of Protest.

This group exhibition at the SLG, organised in collaboration with the V&A, brings together works by international artists and collectives who are using the camera to challenge and move beyond traditional protest photography.

This urgent and political exhibition explores feminism and activism from an international and contemporary perspective. Looking at different approaches to feminism from the past 10 years, the show highlights shared concerns including intersectionality, transnational solidarity, and the use of social media and digital technology as a tool for change.

Lola Olufemi is a Black feminist writer and researcher from London. She is currently based in the Centre for Research and Education in Art and Media at the University of Westminster. Her work focuses on the uses of the political imagination and its relationship to cultural production, political demands and futurity. She is author of Feminism Interrupted: Disrupting PowerExperiments in Imagining Otherwise and a member of ‘bare minimum’, an interdisciplinary anti-work arts collective.

Olufemi’s programme includes a panel discussion on 9 March, with artists Sofia Karim, Sheida Soleimani and Rafeef Ziadah and a performance by Ru Kaur. On 17 April, she will host a workshop using creative methods to explore how people engaged in feminist organising in the UK can begin conceptualise the interconnectedness of feminist struggle and organise across borders.

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