The Deep Field Project

The Deep Field Project is an interdisciplinary research studio working at the intersections of contemporary art practice, experimental sciences, and the critical & environmental humanities. Our versatile research, field / studio work, and graduate studies are led by internationally active contemporary artists, curators and filmmakers associated with adapting new social tools, digital methods and critical concepts to advance research methodologies and the artistic and cultural fields more widely.

The Deep Field eludes to the multiple layers of material-discursivity that marks out the complex, messy, lively challenges of a rapidly mutating world which are often addressed in urgent interdisciplinary fields such as; environmental science, anthropocene studies, political ecology, genome and biomedical ethics, post-humanities, ‘crypto’ studies, climate data modelling, amongst others. Our interests emerge from interdisciplinary convergence in academic research, and what lays beyond research, in the expanded fields of artistic research practices re-shaping contemporary art, activism, socio-political discourse and culture.

Our research studio is driven by focussed graduate research, some of which is funded directly by University of Westminster and Techne 2 (AHRC). We also specialise in supporting PhD research by artists whose practice is at an advanced stage and reflects or integrates with our aims and history in creating new knowledge in relation to experimental and media arts.