The Deep Field Project

The Deep Field Project supports experimental research that has emerged from artists relation to science, and technology, infrastructural, environmental, philosophical and societal issues. This includes engagement with the historical study of science, scientific methods and ongoing issues in relation to power imbalances in relation to areas such as biodiversity and more-than-human futures. Our research is global in perspective and supports International outputs.

Our Doctoral researchers are primarily interdisciplinary practitioners from across fine art, media arts, contemporary, post conceptual art and photography who work with experimental systems of knowledge making. We are also interested in projects that allow for development of conceptual and practical tools and methods that engage advanced critical reflection in all forms of experimental media and creative practice.

Working within CREAM Doctoral program, we are involved in creating spaces for sharing experiences and to introduce researchers to an understanding of critical thinking that shapes non-extractive and critically rigorous approaches and methods through close work with anti-racist initiatives in the Westminster School of Arts.

From time to time, participants from The Deep Field Project also authors projects, exhibitions, and research under its own name – working online and remotely. For example, in the midst of the pandemic (2020) The Deep Field Project led by Diann Bauer (USA), Jol Thoms (CA) and Neal White (UK) presented new work from an ‘Atlas of Chronographic Things’ for the exhibition ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ in Trondheim, Norway, curated by Stefanie Hessler (DE).

We have an ongoing association with The Dartington School of Arts and are linked to the Art & Ecology MA programme at Goldsmiths, from where former PhD Candidate and co-convenor Dr Jol Thoms helps coordinate the Deep Field Project.

Currently our work is also closely aligned to Ecological Futurisms. In support of this project, we were recently involved in co-curating the The Soil Assembly at Kochi Muziris Biennale, India, that explored; Ecologies, Circularities and Living Pedagogies drawing together artists, hackers, farmers and designers from across International locations.


CREAM supports individual staff research, and additional researchers project funding has been obtained in the UK and Internationally from organisations ranging from Kunsthalle Trondheim, Norway to the Mondriaan Funds in Holland and the UK based AHRC.

PhD Research with Deep Field

Graduate researchers associated with Deep Field Projects are funded by University of Westminster Quintin Hogg Trust and the Techne 2 Doctoral Training Program funded by the AHRC. We also support independently funded PhD applicants, researchers by academic staff from other HE institutions as well as PhD by Publication by artists /academics whose research is at an advanced stage and reflects or integrates with our aims and history in creating new knowledge.

Dr Diann Bauer 1972 -2022 – An Appreciation

Diann Bauer

Diann’s life and work was invested in how art, images and writing must be reconfigured for a time in which complex and unpredictable systems at scales surpassing direct human experience prevail. This symposium gathers artists, writers and thinkers who have been in conversation with Diann’s work formally and thematically. We will take her work as a generative challenge to build on her proposals on collectivity, imaging, time and temporality, sentience overloading, and the changing capacities to make alliances. 

Suhail Malik

Dr Diann Bauer

The Deep Field Project would like to acknowledge the outstanding and unique input of our colleague Diann Bauer, who very sadly passed away on the 9th May 2022. As a Graduate Researcher, artist and friend of the Deep Field Project, Diann profoundly shaped our work, projects and future strategy and was a valued member of the Ecological Futurism collective, as well as the CREAM PhD community. She will be truly missed by us all.

“Cohesion was meant to hold. But reality started to slide.”

Dr Diann Bauer — An Appreciation

On Saturday 19 November, at Ambika P3 and CREAM, University of Westminster, a remarkable hybrid event was held that was both a celebration and commemoration of the artist, writer and CREAM researcher Diann Bauer (1972–2022). Many colleagues, academics and artists / friends shared their recollections and insights alongside a screening of some of Diann’s most seminal work. At the closing of the event, it was announced that Diann Bauer would be awarded her PhD in recognition of her work and contribution to knowledge in her field.

Event Details

Neal White Suhail Malik Screening of moving image work by Diann Bauer. Presentations: Alliance of the Southern Triangle | Keller Easterling | Gary Zhexi Zhang | Stefanie Hessler | Helen Hester  | | Bridget Crone | Bassam El Baroni | Bahar Noorizadeh  | Andrea Phillips | Closing comments: Neal White | Lucy Rogers

With special thanks to Weaver: Victoria Ivanova