The Deep Field Project

The Deep Field Project is situated at the intersection of contemporary art practice and land use / landscape futures research. Our aim is to produce research in relation to issues in terms of ecological, environmental and social justice that create collaborative, collective, cultural or societal impact nationally and internationally.

This involves interacting both with the physical landscape (urban / post-industrial / material / experimental etc), and contemporary ideas to develop insights through the research and production of both ‘artistic and epistemic things’. Our research draws upon work being undertaken in experimental and theoretical sciences, data and computer sciences, the critical & environmental humanities, architecture, geography and ecology.

Our research, field / studio work, and graduate studies are led by internationally active contemporary artists, curators and filmmakers associated with adapting new tools, digital methods and critical concepts to engage with the advance research /production methods that are now shaping many artistic and cultural practices.

The Deep Field is a key contributor to CREAM’s collective project; Ecological Futurisms.

The research studio coordinates graduate research, some of which is funded directly by University of Westminster and Techne 2 (AHRC). We also specialise in supporting PhD research by artists whose practice is at an advanced stage and reflects or integrates with our aims and history in creating new knowledge in relation to experimental and media arts, ecology and practices that are intersectional.