The Deep Field Project

Visiting Fellow Stefanie Hessler, speaks to Anne Duk-Hee Jordan at the UK Launch of her MIT publication; Sex Ecologies

Drawing on CREAM’s acclaimed body of advanced research practices, Deep Field is a research studio that supports research aligned with the field of visual art and areas of study that embrace critical thinking, practices, methods and analysis from across a wide range of non-arts disciplines. We are not so much interdisciplinary as aligned through mutual interests, public engagement, the use of digital tools and research methods to research that engages with society, the environment and other related critical issues.

Our work is grounded by contemporary arts many diverse forms, from experimental text, film and video, installation & performance to photography, social and collective practices. These practices link the use of media and material investigation (including experimentation) to the rigours of epistemic inquiry, whilst embracing issues ranging from political ecology to post-colonial activism, xenofeminism, bio-capitalism, ecology of sensing, epistemic asymmetry, resource extraction, the negative commons & the post-natural / more than human.

Situating studio research alongside fieldwork, we support the use of innovative and experimental investigations, including – socially engaged methods, critical cartography, experimental or technologically enhanced fieldwork, remote para-ethnographic studies, new forms of documentary filmmaking and critical engagements with data and sensory assemblages.

Grounded in the highest levels of artistic practice, researchers also address theoretical and critical writing from the visual arts, as well as other areas including digital and post-humanities, science and technology studies, anthropology, the history and philosophy of science, ecology and social science. In all areas, independent researchers pursue their own lines of creative and critical thinking as well as using their time, facilities and studio to work collectively and collaboratively.

Currently we are working with research organisations and International partners to develop projects that will lead to exhibitions, new forms of documentary and moving image, new event-based projects as well as experimental forms of publishing. We have an ongoing association with The Dartington Arts School and are linked to Goldsmiths, from where former PhD Candidate and convenor Dr Jol Thoms helps coordinate the Deep Field Project.


CREAM supports individual staff research, and additional researchers project funding has been obtained in the UK and Internationally from organisations ranging from Kunsthalle Trondheim, Norway to the Mondriaan Funds in Holland and the UK based AHRC.

PhD Research with Deep Field

Graduate researchers associated with Deep Field Projects have been funded by University of Westminster Quintin Hogg Trust and the Techne 2 Doctoral Training Program funded by the AHRC. We also support independently funded PhD Applicants, as well as PhD by Publication by artists /academics whose research is at an advanced stage and reflects or integrates with our aims and history in creating new knowledge.

Diann Bauer – 1972 -2022

The Deep Field Project would like to acknowledge the outstanding and unique input of our colleague Diann Bauer, who very sadly passed away on the 9th May 2022. As a Graduate Research, artist and friend of the Deep Field Project, Diann profoundly shaped our work, projects and future strategy and was a valued member of the Ecological Futurism collective, as well as the CREAM PhD community. She will be truly missed by us all.

A full text on Diann’s work with further news of a public event to celebrate her ideas and vision is planned for October 2022 and will be announced at a later date.