CREAM doctoral candidate Camille Waring‘s talk on the state, technology, surveillance and how we resist, now forms part of a new exhibition at the London Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in central London.  

Decriminalised Futures is a group exhibition featuring thirteen international artists whose work speaks to the multiplicity of contemporary sex worker experiences.

The exhibition highlights the history of the sex worker rights movement and its inextricable links to issues of racial and social justice, migrant rights, labour rights, anti-austerity work, and queer and trans liberation.

The works in the exhibition – comprising ten distinct projects from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States – include moving image, embroidery, linocut prints, bookmaking, writing, drawing, gaming and sculpture.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, themes of sacred space, mental health, gender, racial justice, joy, pain, disability, tenderness and desire become tools for solidarity and elicit conversations rooted in the imaginaries of a decriminalised future.

Camille Waring’s talk was originally part of a panel discussion at the Decriminalised Futures Conference, held in May 2019. To find out more about the exhibition, visit