Deniz Sözen‘s ceramic piece, Kahvehane (2016) is Artwork of the Month at the Landesgalerie Burgenland in Austria, 5-29 October.

Originally commissioned by Soho in Ottakring Vienna in 2016, Kahvehane (Coffee House) explores the question of transcultural relations and belonging through an artistic exploration of coffee and its colonial history. 

In tandem with the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee which will be served in Deniz Soezen’s specially designed cups and saucers at the local ‘Two Beans‘ cafe. The designs on the coffee cups and saucers reflect coffee’s transnational history and the globalization of coffee.

Find out more about ‘Kunstwerk des Monats’ (artwork of the month) on the Landesgalerie Burgenland website.