Diann Bauer (1972–2022) was an artist and writer based in London. She studied both art and architecture at the Cooper Union in NY and Goldsmiths College, London. She was a research affiliate at Autonomy, London and on the advisory board of Treignac Project, France. She was part of Laboria Cuboniks, with whom she collaboratively wrote and published Xenofeminism, A Politics for Alienation in 2015 and A.S.T. (the Alliance of the Southern Triangle), a working group of artists, architects and curators that use the art field as a platform to broaden interdisciplinary collaboration with a focus on urbanism and sea level rise. Her research at Westminster aimed to develop conceptual tools for thinking about time at extra-human scales in the light of global climate change.

Bauer taught and lectured widely at universities and cultural institutions including: Cornell University, Yale University, The New School and The Cooper Union (US), HKW (Berlin), ETH (Zürich), DAI (Netherlands), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut), Goldsmiths, RCA, UAL, UCA, The Tate and the ICA (London).

She has screened and exhibited at Tate Britain, The ICA, The Showroom and FACT Liverpool, Deste Foundation, Athens, The New Museum, and Socrates sculpture park, New York and recently completed a project with Arts at CERN.