CREAM’s research activities encompass interdisciplinary, socially engaged, ecological and expanded artistic and curatorial practices. Internationally recognised for experimenting with diverse forms and methods, the intersectional works of CREAM researchers in this area emphasise critical and collective considerations of the role of art in society.

Drawing on the experimental legacy of Harrow School of Art, this research area prioritises artistic and curatorial engagement with contemporary societal challenges at global, translocal and planetary scales. Art and Society researchers work across diverse areas and themes, including: socially engaged artistic and curatorial practices; art and ecology; interdisciplinary and expanded fields of artistic and curatorial inquiries; global contemporary art; contemporary ceramics practices; art and technology; feminist practices; contemporary art and redistributive values; museums and social practices; museums and curatorial/collection policies; digital intersections in architecture and art; technology and interdisciplinary research across art and sciences. 

CREAM research groups and platforms affiliated with Art and Society include Ceramics Research Centre, Ecological Futurisms, The Deep Field Project, and Moving Image Review and Journal (MIRAJ). CREAM researchers work closely with each other across all our research areas.