The University of Westminster, CREAM and the Trustees of the Stuart Hall Foundation propose a doctoral research project that investigates the extent and depth to conceptualise and define an understanding of UK black cultural activism. In order to do so, the research will identify the gaps and limits of existing research of black cultural activism in the UK, identify to whom we might attribute work and extend what might be meant by the term.  It offers the doctoral student a unique opportunity to undertake research that is informed by both the intellectual, political and cultural rigour of Stuart Hall’s legacy as an esteemed public intellectual and the internationally recognised quality of CREAM’s research by its practitioners/critics of Arts and Culture.

The research project aim is to:

Establish the project as a national intellectual and creative research platform for the current generation of cultural activists to develop mentoring, strategy formulation and capacity-building.

This research project builds significantly on the Stuart Hall Foundation’s black cultural activism initiative (BLK AKT MAP) to excavate and make accessible histories of black British cultural activism. The Stuart Hall Foundation’s PhD programme is run in collaboration with a range of universities including Oxford, UEL, Goldsmiths, Dortmund and Harvard. See: .It also builds on significant academic research interest in black culture having taken place more recently including research of black music (Westminster’s Bass Culture Research) and black visual arts (UAL’s Black Artists & Modernism project).

Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Roshini Kempadoo to discuss the project in more detail at this stage

Dr. Roshini Kempadoo, CREAM Reader, Westminster School of Arts, University of Westminster

T: +44 (0) 20 7911 5000 ext 68479.

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