Between Here and Then is an exhibition programme of research practice developed by the doctoral Caucus group of the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) at Westminster University. Including film screenings, performance, a curated exhibition, and a symposium, this public project presents the on-going research concerns of nineteen PhD researchers and doctoral alumni at CREAM. Whilst the individual works presented here arise from diverse research interests, shared questions of agency and movement, of histories and identities displaced or in flux, emerge in these films, installations, performances and photographs. 

This is a project framed by an institution and determined by doctoral researchers/artists. Academic institutions are the spaces where critical debate, thinking and creation of new knowledge occur. They have always been the spaces of potential agency. With a title that implies complex responses to the liminality of temporality and space, the creation of Between Here and Then promotes a new line of enquiry about the artworks. This project uncovers propositions and concepts of ideas, creativity and thinking to develop new perspectives on the research; it is an organising principle as an expanded research process, generating and stimulating new forms of reflection for the work. As a collaborative presentation of individual research concerns, Between Here and Then challenges the singular authorship common to practice-based research, in favour of a more openly discursive approach.

Between here and then features: John Aitken, Andreia Alves de Oliveira, Francesco Arese Visconti, Gilbert Calleja, Nina Danino, Sue Goldschmidt, Sunil Gupta, Ana Janeiro, Matthias Kispert, Côme Ledésert, David Leahy, Sarah Niazi, Ingrid Pollard, Jini Rawlings, Catherine Roche, Valentina Signorelli, Arne Sjögren, Deniz Soezen, Cecilia Zoppelletto.