Test Sites Assembly. 2018

Organised and led by Arts Catalyst with Nicola Triscott and Neal White at University of Westminster.

Together with artists, scientists and thinkers interested in re-imagining social, artistic and scientific research as a bottom-up community-led approach, particularly in relation to planetary health, the day explored the complex, interdependent relationship between the health of the planet and the politics of human health drawing on examples from different parts of the world. The Assembly considered proposed tactical actions towards asserting, enabling and promoting trans-local commoning practices and methods of collective inquiry.

Participants included; Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez (curator), Shela Sheikh (lecturer and researcher), Luigi Coppola (artist), Sylvia Nagl (complexity scientist), Paloma Polo (artist), Neal White (artist), Ruth Levene (artist), Darshana Chauhan (urban designer), Tom Wakeford (public science researcher), and Nabil Ahmed (artist), chaired by Nicola Triscott (Arts Catalyst/University of Westminster) and Anna Santomauro (Arts Catalyst).


About Test Sites

Test Sites is Arts Catalyst’s series of inquiries into matters of concern relating to environmental issues, such as flooding, pollution, and species loss, and their impact on local culture and the health of ecosystems and communities. At each site, we are inviting local people and groups to be part of art-centred co-inquiries, working with artists, scientists and other experts.

Between 2016-2019, commissioned by Arts Catalyst, Neal White acted as lead artist / investigator on a Test Sites project focused on Poole Harbour, an area of outstanding natural beauty and the UK’s largest onshore oil production facility.

Test Site Assembly event was organised in relation this project and the Test Sites project led by Ruth Levene in Calder Valley. Test Sites forms part of Arts Catalyst new model of curating developed by Dr Nicola Triscott. You can read more about her research on Arts Catalyst website or in Nicola Triscott PhD by Publication.

More: https://www.artscatalyst.org/test-sites

Arts Catalyst are official partners of The Deep Field Project at University of Westminster.