Ex-Art: Liquid Imaginary

EX-ART brings together acclaimed International artists; Shezad Dawood (UK) Senior Research Fellow- CREAM, and Charles Lim (Singapore), whose works Sea State (Lim) and Leviathan (Dawood) were critical highlights of the Venice Biennale in 2017. Exploring their underlying research. the EX-ART event will draw upon the critical imaginary and use of emergent technology to explore fluid, dynamic or speculative visions of our ocean environments.

The proposition is that artists and research practitioners’ access to data allows them to challenge scientific, economic and political assumptions. EX-ART will be a space for discussing critical, innovative and creative research with a view to explore the challenges and problems we face in culture, nature, art and technology today. The event draws on a long tradition at University of Westminster of using experimental art and media to imagine art and research’s potential futures and WIAS’ advancement of interdisciplinary research and dedication to critical thought beyond borders.

Introduced by artist Neal White and curator May Ingawanij (CREAM, University of Westminster), the artists’ critically charged engagements with the sea and the ocean, in allegorical, technological and political contexts, will draw upon tensions and potentialities that lie between the artistic, scientific and social imaginary. In particular, the event will ask how artists’ access to tools and data allows us to challenge underlying scientific classification, the economic and political context of our relationship to the marine environment, yet also embrace an ethical experimentation with shared visions of the future.

The event is organised by Westminster Institute of Advanced Studies (WIAS) together with Centre for Research and Education in Art and Media (CREAM).

Convened and chaired by Neal White and May Adadol Ingawanij.