Lucy Soutter

Lucy Soutter is Principal Lecturer and Course Leader of the Westminster Photography Arts MA. Her research focuses on questions of value and meaning in art and photography. Her book Why Art Photography? explores ambiguity, objectivity, fiction, authenticity, the digital and photography’s expanded field. One of the her key research themes is expanded photography: contemporary photography’s overlap with other contemporary art forms and activities, including installation, performance and sculpture. Lucy is a founding member of the Global Photographies Network, an international community of universities and photographic organisations, working together to co-author a programme of talks, seminars and workshops for photographic practitioners and students in a professional and educational network.  

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We understand photography as a broad inter-disciplinary field of study based on the photographic image, set within the distinct but overlapping networks of visual art, culture and media practice. Current focus includes contemporary art, social media, digital imaging, politics and big data networks.