We are delighted to invite you to the next instalment of the Global Photographies Talks Programme on Wednesday 9th February 2022. Zhuang Wubin will be presenting his talk, Photography and Southeast Asia: A Narrative of Experiences. 

Zhuang Wubin is a writer who makes photographs, publications and exhibitions. Zhuang received his PhD by Published Work (Research–Photography) from The University of Westminster in 2021. 

In his own words, Zhuang gives us an overview of his talk:

“This is a narrative of our experiences of photography in the region that would become Southeast Asia. It is an account that moves back and forth, temporally and spatially. In the process, we get a sense of how photographic practices helped to produce pleasure and violence, and how it became entangled in the overlapping projects of modernity, colonialism / nationalism, and the Cold War in the region.”

This talk will be held on Zoom. Please find the details below. 

07:00 Mexico City / 08:00 New York, Bogotá / 10:00 Buenos Aires / 13:00 London / 14:00 Lagos / 14:00 Paris, Gothenburg, Budapest / 15:00 Cape Town / 15:00 Beirut / 18:30 Mumbai / 19:00 Dhaka / 20:00 Jakarta, Bekasi / 21:00 Singapore, Taipei / 22:00 Tokyo / 00:00 (+1) Melbourne / 02:00 (+1) Wellington

Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Webinar: 92927076570

Passcode: 098972