Welcome back to the next instalment of our Global Photographies Talks Programme!

This month, we get to hear from four speakers based in Bogotá, Colombia: Diana Rey Melo (she/her), Natalia Pedraza Bravo(she/her), Lina Gasca (she/her) and Nathalia Angarita (she/her).

In the context of the social changes that happened during the last years in Colombia, and as in other countries in Latin America, the importance of photographic evidence as a political statement has been turned into the voice of the youngest photographers. The power of the image and the photographic devices’ easy use have allowed the images to spread, flooding social networks, usually with a poor info background. Nevertheless, crucial ideas of the contemporary world, like genre, ecological, political, and economic issues, are finding new spaces in the visual discussion, adding others’ points of view. This talk will focus on these photographers’ work who had built their positions in this context, from being a woman in a complex scenario to an ethical idea about photojournalism and documentary practices.
This talk will be held during the speakers’ group exhibition, “Contra toda autoridad. Menos la de mi mamá”, which is showing at the MAV, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Bogotá, Colombia) from 21 September – 14 October 2022.
Some information on the speakers:

  • Nathalia Angarita is a Photographer born in Casanare, Colombia, based in Bogota. She has experience as a photojournalist. Her work has been published in national and international media. She currently works as a freelance photographer for Reuters, Bloomberg, The New York Times, El País, among others. Nathalia is interested in building long term personal projects with gender issues.
  • Lina Gasca (Bogota) has worked for Colombian and International media agencies like Reuters, Associated Press, and Anadolu. Her principal interests are gender issues, sports, and vulnerable communities in Colombia. 
  • Natalia Pedraza Bravo is also a graphic designer who has been working in journalism since 2018 and is particularly interested in covering environmental, health, and gender issues.
  • Diana Rey Melo is a Colombian graphic and documentary reporter focused on social issues with eight years of photojournalism experience. Her work has been featured in national and international media. She also worked for Semana Magazine Publishing, freelancing for the Ministry of Culture in Peru, and national entities, among others. She was part of several photography projects and exhibited some in various facilities in Colombia, the USA, Peru, and Brasil. She developed different projects and training courses on basic photography focused on other people from the Colombian town named Sesquile. She’s currently working as a Video and Photo editor for Forbes Colombia.

​This webinar will be a valuable chance to learn more about the speakers’ practices and have a chance to take part in the Q&A. It will be on Zoom.

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