Tessa Peters

Tessa Peters

Tessa Peters is a senior lecturer in the history and theory of art and design. She is a researcher in the Ceramics Research Centre-UK and a supervisor on the CREAM graduate programme. She studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art and has an MA in History of Design from Middlesex University. Employed in the contemporary gallery sector from 1978, she was Director of Contemporary Applied Arts (1990 – 1994) and since 1995 has practised as an independent curator, producing exhibitions for museums and galleries throughout the UK.

In her curatorial practice she employs insights from critical theory to explore the narrative and emotional charge of art and design artefacts. Seeking to present contemporary artworks in a relevant interpretative framework, her recent curatorial collaborations with artists and designers reflect her current research interest in modes of participatory art. In addition to editing/co-editing books that accompany her exhibition projects, she also contributes articles, essays and reviews to a range of academic and specialist publications in the field.

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