Sarah Pucill

Sarah Pucill’s films and photographs explore a sense of self, which is transformative and fluid. At the core of her practice is a concern with mortality and the materiality of the filmmaking process. Her publically funded 16mm films have won awards and been shown in galleries and cinema’s internationally since 1990.

Her first feature length film Magic Mirror (75min, b/w, 2013), premiered at Tate Modern, toured internationally with LUX and was exhibited with photographs from the film at The Nunnery Gallery, London 2014. The sequel filmConfessions To the Mirror (68min, 16mm col, 2016) premiered at London Film Festival and focuses on Cahun’s still life and portrait images. It will tour Canada as a black box screening in a group show of Cahun inspired contemporary work, which opens at Ottawa Municipal Art Gallery in 2019. Pucill’s films are archived and distributed through leading international distributors including LUX. The British Film Institute (BFI), and Light Cone Paris. She has a doctorate and is Reader in artist film at University of Westminster.

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