Sarah Pucill‘s film, ‘Double Exposure’ (2023) is screening at Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art in London, on 31 May 2024. The screening is followed by a discussion between the filmmaker and the curator and writer Helena Reckitt.

Sarah Pucill’s recent film ‘Double Exposure’ (16mm+Digital, 26min, 2023) premiered at Frankfurt Experimental Film Festival September 2023 and won Best Experimental Film at Toronto Women FIlm Festival 2024.

Double Exposure re-stages photographs of Pucill and her once partner Sandra Lahire, shortly before Sandra’s death from anorexia in 2001. These black and white photographic images are projected onto an interior wall, where the filmmaker steps inside. Alone with the camera, the filmmaker blindly positions herself into a place that she cannot see, to re-play the image, to meet herself then and Sandra, who both keep getting younger. ‘Double Exposure’ is a space created between two time-frames, between two women and between material and light as objects from the projections are placed in position with their ‘light projection’ double eg a dress, shoe, mirror, table, chair etc.  Inside this imagined intimacy that is also empty, the silence in the room is interrupted with street sounds from the world outside.