As part of Making Connections at the Old Waiting Room – Peckham Rye Station. Lost Text/Found Space are developing a new production of Noel Coward’s Still Lives.

This site specific performance, directed by Rebecca McCutcheon will include new music and arrangements by Lucy Harrison. The music will recontextualise Noel Coward’s songs within the text. 

Lost Text/Found Space make site-based performances in hidden spaces for adventurous audiences.

They work in unique, found spaces with lost texts, bringing unheard voices from the past to the present. They create layered performances which are multi-sensory, engaging and playful. We also work with local community partners and aim to create exceptional accessibly priced performances for Peckham’s community.

The Old Waiting room forms part of Peckham Rye Station’s original architecture, built in 1865 by architect Charles Henry Diver. The room has been largely unused since the 1960s and had been redeveloped as an arts venue. Still Lives forms part of a larger residency from Lost Text/Found Space which explore the Old Waiting Room.