Tangible Territory journal launches a second issue.

Issue 2 contains contributions from Deborah Levy, Kim Arazi, Kaye Winwood, Ophelia Deroy, Geneviéve Sicotte, Jan Švankmajer, Krzysztof Fijalkowski, David Spittle, Vlad Vexler, Alexa Wright and Tereza Stehlíková, Václav Cílek, Chiara Ambrosio, Sally Augustin and an interview with William Kentridge.

Tangible Territory is a platform that offers a space for various voices to meet and discuss themes relating to the role of the body, the importance of place and embodied experience, in giving meaning to our every day experience of life and art. By extension, it also reflects on some of the transformations initiated by technology, globalisation and now also the pandemic and to it related questions of embodiment versus disembodiment, being simultaneously here and elsewhere, present and absent in our bodies and our surroundings.

Tangible Territory Journal is founded by artist, filmmaker and researcher Tereza Stehlíková.