Matthias Kispert’s 30-minute documentary The Social Life of Food: Movements for Justice & Local Resilience will be screened at cooperatively-run community hub The Hornbeam Centre in Walthamstow, London. The film features interviews with a number of London-based initiatives involved in non-capitalist food provision: 

Sutton Community Farm works along agroecological principles, which include respect for the land and all its inhabitants, and concern for the social ecologies that the farm works within. The farm is operated as a community benefit society, funded by community shareholders who collectively own the farm.

Leytonstone Community Fridge distributes surplus food that would otherwise go to landfill to anyone who visits the fridge during its opening hours. The fridge is part of a countrywide network of similar initiatives, working to reduce food waste and filling a need arising from growing levels of food poverty.

The Gleaners is vegan, pay-what-you-can cafe and restaurant in Walthamstow that is run as a cooperative. Situated in the social ecology of The Hornbeam Centre, The Gleaners cook fresh meals from surplus food and are motivated by principles of mutual aid, care, intersectionality and economic justice.The screening will be hosted by The Gleaners who will serve up some hearty food, followed by a discussion on what it means to become resilient as a community/borough/city.