Talk by Dr. Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz (IRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University College Dublin) with Dr Michael N Goddard (Goldsmiths College)

This talk will look at the intersections between punk and queer aesthetics as well as related paracinematic concepts, such as trash, cult and the B movie. From the shared etymological roots of “punk” and “queer”, to the visual manifestations of their aesthetic-historical overlaps, Dr. Gurbuz will discuss how these subcultural formations embrace negative labelling and how they continue to influence many artists of today. The talk will pay particular attention to the role of music as it will center around the pre-digital post-punk cross-media interactions since the 70s as well as their current reincarnations.


Temmuz Gurbuz is an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Dublin, working on their monograph Judith Butler and Film (forthcoming 2023). They received their PhD in Film Studies (2021) from National University of Ireland Galway where they taught in the field of film, video and digital media.

Michael Goddard is a reader at Goldsmiths college working on transnational cinemas, popular music and media theory. Publications include his co-edited book Polish Cinema in a Transnational Context (Rochester, 2014) and his monograph Impossible Cartographies (2013), on the cinema of on the cinema of Raúl Ruiz. In popular music, he has written a series of publications on post-punk and industrial musics and his most recent monograph, Guerrilla Networks (2018) excavates a range of 1970s radical media practices

Presented by BAFTSS New Connections ProgrammeUniversity of Westminster MA Film TV and Moving Image and Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM)

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