Ozlem Koksal

Ozlem’s research focuses on the intersection between issues concerning race, ethnicity, minorities and displacement, and their representation in visual culture, especially in moving images. She is particularly interested in the tension between history and memory, practices of constructing, monumentalising and/or erasing past narratives, and the ways in which such tension is translated into visual realm. Her manuscript titled Aesthetics of Displacement: Turkey and Its Minorities on Screen (Bloomsbury, 2016) is a result of some of the questions she has been interested in relation absence and denial and history/memory in film.

In addition to her work on ethnicity, memory and denial, Ozlem is also interested in space and its representation. She edited the Istanbul instalment of the series World Film Locations and in 2015, and published an article comparing Lisbon Story (Wim Wenders, 1994) and the Crossing the Bridge (Fatih Akin, 2005), examining the convoluted relation between the imagination and perception of these cities and their representation.

More recently, Ozlem started working on a project that seeks to explore the cultural significance of hair (both its presence and absence) by investigating its uses in contemporary visual culture.

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