Launching on the 20th  of January on all major podcast platforms, Blabla time is an innovative podcast made to address the little and big challenges of student life. 

Hosted by coach and University of Westminster Senior Lecturer Dr. Sandra Gaudenzi, it invites students to listen to their internal “blabla” and, hopefully, learn from it! 

Mixing practical advice, coaching exercises and visualisations tailor-made to students, it offers a moment of break and self-discovery that is soothing and deeply transformative. The originality of this podcast is not only in its self-coaching content, but also in its format:  made to be used as a toolbox, the proposition is to select the topic one needs to address, take 15 to 20 minutes of time, and face it in a positive and self-caring way.  It is about allowing students to relax, step out of their fears, find alternative routes and eventually, in the long term, have better chances to thrive in their life.

Blabla time’s idea started during the lockdown, when Dr Gaudenzi experimented with alternative ways to support her students, and found that being led by a voice into coaching exercises that create a space for self-growth was very effective. Since then, she has extensively tested the concept with students, asked about their main topics of concern and worked with students to edit and launch the podcast itself.

The first two episodes, “The system of me” and “The system of us” are to be launched first (on Friday 27th of January), as they introduce two techniques to visualise and enter in dialogue with the Self, that are a first step into self-coaching. The next three episodes, “The fear of not being good enough”, “The fear of the white page”, and “Dealing with mild anxieties” will be released short after (on Friday 3rd of February),  for students to pick and choose depending on their needs. 

The podcast is totally free and welcomes students’ feed-back and topic suggestions in order to grow into a meaningful collaborative project!

Blabla time is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.