Future of Craft Talks (2019)

In 2019, The Ceramics Research Centre – UK hosted three seminar discussions as part of ‘The Future of Craft Talks’ for London Craft Week. The Future of Craft was presented by the Oxo Tower Wharf in collaboration with Design-Nation and Future Icons. Visitors had the chance to hear an amazing variety of talks surrounding the Future of Craft and its place in society. 

The Future of Craft and Clay, hosted by curator, writer and educator, Tessa Peters  – 10 May 13:00 

What is the role of the object in craft practice? We will explore how craft and object making can be challenged through the process of making, making that might eclipse the object itself. The first session in a one-day seminar where Ceramics Research Centre-UK will invite the public to join them in a series of group discussions and presentations to address the theme of the Bargehouse exhibition – The Future of Craft. Hosted by Tessa Peters, Curator, Writer and Educator. 

The Future of Craft and Culture, hosted by Phoebe Cummings, Artist and Women’s Hour Craft Prize Winner– 10 May 15:00 

How do we use craft skills? Where are these being applied and used to create transformation outside of the world of object production? From surgery to dance we will challenge ideas around their use and their future. The second session in a one-day seminar where Ceramics Research Centre-UK.

The Future of Craft and Society, hosted by Clare Twomey, artist– 10 May 17:00 

How has the role of craft in communities transformed experiences of daily life? The discussion will address how craft activity from communities of makers has instigated positive change.