Phoebe Cummings

My practice sits between craft, sculpture and performance with much of my research centred around issues of ephemerality, including the documentation and collection of performative and ephemeral objects.  Current research interprets multi-channel recording as a methodology for documenting temporary sculpture, combining visual and non-visual media as a recording or trace of an artwork.  I also have a specific interest in understanding ceramics as a form of science-fiction, focusing on both 18th-century design alongside contemporary work with clay.

I continue to exhibit within the UK and internationally, previously showing in galleries and museums such as the V&A (London), Museum of Arts & Design (NY), University of Hawaii Art Gallery (Honolulu) and Clayarch Museum (S. Korea).  I have undertaken numerous artist residencies in the UK, US and Greenland, including 6 months as ceramics artist-in-residence at the V&A in 2010.  I have written for publications including the Journal of Modern Craft (2016), Contemporary Clay and Museum Culture (Routledge, 2016) and exhibition catalogue texts including ‘A Co-Authored Geology’ for Kunsthall Stavanger in Norway (2018).  I was awarded a Ceramics Fellowship at Camden Arts Centre 2012/13, was the inaugural winner of the Woman’s Hour Craft Prize, 2017 and was shortlisted for the Arts Foundation Awards 2018.

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Art and Society

Explored through performance, installation, and ceramics, and between art and science, the diverse practices of CREAM researchers in this area are drawn together for their emphasis on critical and collective engagements with the question and role of art and society.