Bass Culture Documentary

This is the story of the soundtrack to multiculturalism, a hidden history that is still impacting on new music.”

The Film Bass Culture was commissioned by the Black Music Research Unit as part of the AHRC research project mapping the impact of Jamaican music on Britain over the last half century. Central to this documentary is the voices of four generations of African-Caribbean and black British cultural producers – musicians, songwriters, DJs, sound system crews, and industry professionals. Through key voices central to five decades of new British genres such as; British Roots reggae, UK Dub, Pop reggae, Brit Ska(two tone), Jungle, Drum And Bass, Trip-Hop, UK Garage, 2 Step, Dub Step, Grime, and a host of other UK sub genres – we explores the impact of Jamaican music on popular British culture, that continues to influenced global popular culture.

The film is produced by Fully Focused Community (FFC) a youth led media organisation that uses the power of film to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and transform lives. The production brings together film industry professionals with young people from some of the most disadvantaged backgrounds in London.

View the film here.

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