Following our successful journal conferences held in London (2017) and Singapore (2020) photographies journal announces its third international conference for 2022. The event will be in-person. It will be co-hosted with University of Texas, San Antonio, September 22-24 2022. As previously, we aim to bring together thinkers and photographers in discussion about photography today. We invite papers from contributors that address our original aims:

• photographies seeks to construct a new agenda for theorising photography as a heterogeneous medium in ever more dynamic and changing relations to all aspects of contemporary culture.
• photographies aims to further develop the theory and practice of photography, considering new frameworks for thinking and addressing questions arising from the present context of technological, economic, political and cultural change.

We set out to question how far longstanding boundaries are broken down or called into question by changing social practices: between private and public, screen and human, camera and body, memory and history, local and global. At the same time, when existing boundaries and borders are reasserted and hardened, how do divisions, distinctions and differences develop and mutate our sense of self and outside? The tensions between these movements of fixity and change raise critical questions around the function of boundaries and borders today.

We seek conference contributions that explore ways in which these themes intersect in photographic practice and theory. Example questions and issues that might be addressed include:
• How has photography served to question, support or disrupt boundaries and borders?
• How have photographers worked to transform and reimagine boundaries and borders?
• What are the transdisciplinary debates around photography’s boundaries and borders both in terms of its theory and practice?
• What are the challenges and rewards of photography addressing issues of boundaries and borders?
• Are there specific types of practice that privilege boundaries and borders?
• What methods or frameworks and theoretical models are useful for addressing boundaries and borders in photography in terms of its histories and practices?
• What are the political and ethical ramifications of exploring borders and boundaries through photography?

At this stage we intend presentations to be approximately 25 minutes in length.

Deadline for submissions: 28th March 2022.

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