Sara Dominici

My research is positioned at the intersection of history and theory of photography, cultural history of technologies, and archive theory and practice. My research interests include social and material practices of photography, visual historiography, the relationship between photography and archive practice, the relationship between cultural technologies, media and modernity, and the role of photography in popular culture. I am currently working on the relationship between photographic practices and technologies of personal mobility from the late nineteenth century, seeking to understand the role that everyday lived experiences had on visual modernity.

I recently completed a monograph entitled Reading the Travel Image (Routledge, 2018), which investigates how popular participation in the production, dissemination and consumption of photographic images, specifically those that pertained to the experience of travelling, challenged and subverted the dominant visual culture of travel in Britain between 1888 and 1939. I am a member of the European Society for the History of Photography and of the Società Italiana per lo Studio della Fotografia. I have published in journals including History of Photography and Photography and Culture.

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We understand photography as a broad inter-disciplinary field of study based on the photographic image, set within the distinct but overlapping networks of visual art, culture and media practice. Current focus includes contemporary art, social media, digital imaging, politics and big data networks.