Neal White

Neal White’s research draws on the critical legacy of conceptual and critical art in society – a term that now addresses the non-human. White’s current work focusses on interrogating the artistic representation of our post natural and post-industrial environments through science, its landscape and laboratories, data and infrastructures, technologies and innovations aimed at observing, measuring and shaping knowledge and experience. Combining fieldwork, primary and experimental research methods, and by working in collaboration with researchers from other disciplines, his work traverses the complex and messy scalar narratives around subjects such as environment, ethics and innovation.

In 2004, White founded Office of Experiments, an independent artist-led research organisation that supports critical forms of research practice. In 2019, White founded the Deep Field Project, based at The University of Westminster, that extends this collaborative work.

White is engaged in many collaborative research projects, as well as individual artistic practice. He exhibits widely, recent examples include (2015–2021); Venice Biennale of Architecture, Kunsthalle Trondheim, Norway, Arts Catalyst, Royal College of Art, & Whitechapel Gallery – London, Fargfabriken – Stockholm, Objectif Exhibitions – Antwerp, Portikus – Frankfurt, amongst many others. He has worked closely with Flat Time House, John Hansard Gallery (UK), and Henry Moore Institute, as well as Center for Land Use Interpretation (USA). His writing has been published across a wide range of journals, books and as art forms.

Neal White is Co-Director of CREAM.

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Explored through performance, installation, and ceramics, and between art and science, the diverse practices of CREAM researchers in this area are drawn together for their emphasis on critical and collective engagements with the question and role of art and society.