I am a ceramist, and porcelain is the material I am working with.

My technical skills developed during my study of Porcelain Design at Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein, Halle/ Germany, and they got enriched with an increased understanding of porcelain as a culturally and emotionally charged material during two residencies in Arita, Japan. Its potential to create objects with metafunctional qualities was central to my master’s project at Konstfack University, Stockholm.

At CREAM, I make use of the multifarious capabilities of porcelain to research the causes of and speculative solutions to the timely phenomenon of Skin Hunger. As a consequence of missing interhuman touch, it received increased attention during the Corona Virus pandemic. Influenced by research in psychology and philosophy, my practice explores the correlation between physical and metaphysical stimulation of human touch in a touch-deprived time.