Jane Thorburn

Principal Lecturer Television Production

My research interests are mainly realised through the practice of collaborating with artists and performers to create programmes for television, film festivals, exhibitions and internet distribution. My approach is based on my experience of producing music, arts and entertainment series for Channel 4, BBC2 and the Discovery Channel over a 25 year period. I co-founded the facilities and production company After Image in 1979. I directed and edited the majority of the company’s productions establishing a reputation for innovative visual programme making. Notable successes include three series of the Channel 4 arts magazine programme Alter Image, The Greatest Show on Earth which was Channel 4’s official entry to the Montreal Television Festival, two new operas written for television, one of which, The Empress, won a Royal Television society award and The Score, a classical music magazine series for BBC2.

Working as a self shooting director I have made several documentaries in Cuba and Nigeria where my interests expanded to include research into the Nigerian Film and Video industry and social issues affecting the health of young women in Nigeria. Inspired by this research I produced The Family Legacy, a Nollywood inspired drama commissioned by the NHS addressing prejudicial attitudes concerning sickle cell disease. The production was officially assessed to have been seen internationally by over 12 million people. The 2013 award winning mixed genre documentary Joy, it’s Nina portraying the experience of migrant women living in the UK was selected for over 22 international film festivals. A collaborative short film featuring the work of sculptor Sokari Douglas Camp and composer Shirley J. Thompson was continuously screened at the Diaspora Pavilion exhibition during the 2017 Venice Biennale. I am currently finishing post production on Freud’s Lost Lecture a short film written by the twice Man Booker nominated author Deborah Levy.

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