A Tender Map/A Feminist Chorus is an audio and text based work by Lucy Reynolds, commissioned by Grand Union Gallery in Digbeth, Birmingham, on the occasion of it’s 10 Year anniversary.

A Tender Map/A Feminist Chorus plots the creative geography of Grand Union, mapping it through the spoken and written word, embodied in the people and the creative activities of the Grand Union building at Minerva works. Painted across the walls of the gallery, on the GU windows and on the billboards by the canal, and as installed sound works, descriptions of its spaces by those who use them, becomes a way to navigate them in the imagination, acting as a repository of the creative energies within Grand Union. Sent as sound files and word docs, walks around studios, workshops, gardens, galleries, kitchens became a way of entering  those spaces and engaging with the art being made within them, during a time when speaking together and entering public spaces has not been possible.

Tender Map/A Feminist Chorus is part of a wider ongoing project, A Feminist Chorus, which explores whether the feminist concept of collectivity associated to the Women’s movement in the 1970s might still have resonance for contemporary feminist art making. Previous choruses have invited speakers in different settings to lift the texts of women both iconic and forgotten off the page through their voices, embodying with pride women’s marginalised and dispersed history in the contemporary moment.

For more information visit grand-union.org.uk.