On August 26th, Eugenie Shinkle and Callum Beaney launched their collaborative artist’s book The Prototype. Published by London-based imprint Folium Publishing, The Prototype explores photographic abstraction alongside the affinities between sound and vision. From the colophon:

This work began with a book dummy, created by Callum from photographs of wooden blocks and their shadows. He sent it to Eugenie, who photocopied it, cut it up, layered and photographed it again, creating a new version. The present volume is a combination of the prototypes we made together from the same set of originals, playing with rhythms and shapes, patterns and textures. 

The Prototype is an experiment in making images that feel like the chaotic and abrasive sounds of noise music – one iteration of an ongoing project with no defined outcome. For us, that process of exploration is more important than the end goal.