Peter Ride

Peter’s research is centred on museums and galleries, in particular he is interested the way that audiences experience museums, engage with their exhibitions and involve themselves in participatory projects. He has twenty years experience working in the sector as a curator in museums and with photography and digital media, and this informs a lot of what he does as an academic researcher. His research also closely relates to his teaching. As the Course Leader for the MA in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture Peter is involved in a lot of partnerships with museums so his research projects often come from collaborations and are designed to benefit his students. For example at Tate Exchange creating a multi-sensory public engagement programme ‘Tasty and Smelly’ (2017), investigating public attitudes towards time and place for the Museum of London in advance of the development of their new museum (2017) or collecting oral histories of three generations of Jewish families in London with the Jewish Museum (2018).

Peter’s recent publications include a study of the use of artworks in non-art museums ‘Suspended: Art in the Threshold’ in Parry, R. et al (eds.) Museum Thresholds: The Design and Media of Arrival (Routledge Research in Museum Studies) 2018. Conference presentations include ‘Multisensory Engagement and the Transcultural Object’ at the 51st conference of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Ethnography, International Council of Museums (ICOM/ ICME) October 2018, at which he examined a collaborative research project with the Qatar Museums Authority into multisensory engagement in museums that took place in Doha, Qatar. His various ongoing research projects look at the way that Audience Reception Theory can be used to understand how people engage with museums from a multi-cultural perspective, how museum narratives are defined, and how museums are spaces for social democracy. He is also looking at citizen curating and how photography is used in social media with exhibitions such as Solstice: 365 Longest Days of the Year for Nuit Blanche Toronto (2013) and #CitizenCurators: An Archive of London2012 at The Photographers’ Gallery London (2013) and is currently developing a citizen curated photography project that documents Brexit.

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