Megan Carnrite is an artist, curator, and educator engaging in doctoral research at the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM), University of Westminster. Her background in art practice and art history primarily focuses on photography and its relationship with the body. At CREAM, Megan is working on a feminist approach to cameraless photography and is concerned with the perceptual and performative experience of producing a photo. One of her primary points of concern is if and how the cameraless photographic object may present evidence of the maker’s body. Her other research interests include abjection, abstraction, art theory, European and American modernism, and materiality. Megan has advanced degrees from the University of Chicago and Maryland Institute of Art. As well as participating in numerous group and solo exhibitions, she has curated art exhibits, taught courses and worked in museum education, and has worked as a researcher on international exhibitions. She also contributes to publications as a writer and editor.