Margherita Sprio

Margherita’s background is in Fine Art with specialist interests in film and photography. Her particular research focus is on the inter-relationship between migration and cultural memory, diaspora, and ideas of intersectionality in relation to feminist philosophy, politics and history. Margherita’s research has always traversed debates around both ‘World Cinema’ and ‘European Cinema’ and issues around still and moving images.  She is currently working on her next book, Women in the Frame: Feminist Intimacies on the British Screen, (forthcoming, Bloomsbury Academic).  She is looking at the role of cultural memory in relation to seven key contemporary British women filmmakers (Arnold, Asante, Barnard, Hogg, Longinotto, Morley and Ramsay).  This will be the first ever book about these contemporary women filmmakers and her research also addresses the impact that the British art school in particular have played in the development of feminist film practices in Britain.

Margherita’s first book, Migrant Memories – Cultural History, Cinema and the Italian Post-War Diaspora in Britain (Peter Lang, 2013) is the first ever study of Italian post war migration to Britain.  Its originality is situated in relation to it being a cultural history of the role and function that cinema served whilst also utilising over two hundred first person oral interviews (which she conducted in various original regional Italian dialects) as a way of addressing issues of memory and migration. In relation to this book, Margherita has been invited to give various talks internationally, including most recently Australia, India and Canada.

Amongst other roles, she is also a contributing editor for the journal MAI:  Feminism and Visual Culture and a manuscript peer reviewer for both Routledge and Bloomsbury. She is Deputy Director of the University of Westminster’s Graduate School, and Visiting Professor at Milan University, Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy.

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