Alexa Wright

Alexa Wright

Alexa Wright is an artist who uses a wide range of media including photography, video, sound, interactive installation, performance and book works. She has a 0.5FTE post at the University as Reader in Art and Visual Culture.

Alexa works at the intersection of art and medical science to explore human inter-subjectivity through qualities like vulnerability and empathy. She has extensive experience of working with people with disabilities and metal health issues, as well as with medical scientists and other creative practitioners. From 1999-2010 Alexa worked collaboratively with Professor Alf Linney and computer scientists at UCL to create three interactive installations, Conversation Piece (2009), Alter Ego (2005), and Face Value (2001). These works have all been widely shown internationally. In 2011-12, funded by a year-long AHRC Fellowship, Alexa created A View From Inside, a series of portrait photographs of people who experience episodes of psychosis. In 2015, funded by the Arts Council, she initiated Piecing it Together, a participatory project for people experiencing mental ill health at two NHS Foundation Trust Mental Health Recovery Centres. Since 2007 Alexa has been part of Hybrid Bodies, a unique international, interdisciplinary project based in Toronto, Canada that brings together medics, visual artists, a philosopher and social scientists to explore the emotional and psychological effects of heart transplantation from multiple, interwoven perspectives.

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