Menswear Archive

Archive Research

The Menswear Archive is a research repository and a unique reference source for curators, scholars, designers and industry researchers. The archive has been extensively catalogued for rapid searching and allows for a range of object handling approaches, and methods, giving researchers direct access to design, textiles, patterns etc of unique pieces. Whilst used intensively as a teaching archive, it is also used for research training and industrial research, and is linked with other significant International Fashion Collections and Museums.

The ongoing development of the archive is supported through generous funding of the Quintin Hogg Trust. Our research of new acquisitions requires considerable knowledge and insight into the menswear industry and the role of significant pieces in the history and future of fashion, military and workwear areas. We are also supported in this work by leading fashion designers, brands and collectors who donate key pieces to the collection.

The Menswear Archive also acts a hub through which research into menswear more generally can be focused. In this respect, it is hub for development of academic study, new projects and events. A key part of that activity, and our own research outputs is the public exhibitions programme, that also includes research-led events, conferences, with speakers from industry and the academe.

You can access further information here on the Menswear Archive official website here, or look at recent highlights in the menu.