The acclaimed exhibition FALLING AWAY: Catherine Yass at Ambika P3 provided an overview of over two decades of work by the celebrated artist for the first time in London. CREAM have produced this exclusive video featuring documentation of the exhibition and the artist in conversation reflecting on themes of verticality and the city, the impact of Covid and her plans for the future. The conversation was held with artist and curator George Clark on 3 November 2021.

The conversation is also available to listen to as a podcast via the CREAM SoundCloud account:

“Taken as a whole, Falling Away creates a pervading sense of vertigo.  Each work is in its way physically disorientating, insinuating a sense of peril that builds progressively.  At the same time, the works suggest the destabilisation of some of the institutions that have defined the country since the Second World War, and the inexorable progress of free market economics.  Astonishingly, the exhibition runs for only one month, so there are only a couple more weeks to see this brilliantly curated show of work that is complex and subtle in its discourse and visually breath-taking as an experience.”

– Caroline Douglas, Director, Contemporary Art Society

Ambika P3
22 October – 20 November 2021
Curated by Michael Mazière and Davide Deriu.
The exhibition was a collaborative project between the School of Arts and the School of Architecture and Cities.

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