Bisan Abu Eisheh, Breathing Archives: On Art and Decolonial Discourse in Palestine

Andreia Alves de OliveiraThe Politics of the Office: Space, Power, and Photography ( / riverboatsinnerthoughts)

Silvia Angeli, Catholicism in Italian cinema in the age of ‘the new secularisation’ (1958-1978)

Barby Asante

Swati Bakshi

Diann Bauer

Fotios Begklis, Grand Tour – a film in-debt(ed): Exploring the possibilities of the essayistic filmmaking form.

Pryle BehrmanAn Entanglement of Meanings: a study of curation, location and temporality in contemporary art fairs

Indranil BhattacharyaThe Digital Turn in Indian Film Sound: Ontologies and Aesthetics

Estéfani Bouza, Taming Contingency: Photography at the Crossroads between Collections, Archives and Atlases

Adina Bradeanu 

Zoe Butt

Gilbert Calleja, Ethnography and experimental non-fiction storytelling: relating the experiences of Maltese Fishermen(

Patrick F. Campos, Topologies of regional cinema : Philippine, Mindanaon, and Southeast Asian films

Guilherme Carrera, Amid the debris: ruins of underdevelopment in contemporary Brazilian documentary

Ranita Chatterjee, Journeys in and beyond the city : cinema in Calcutta, 1897-1939

Federica Chiocchetti, Photo-Texts: Critical Intersections in History

George ClarkOfferings for a ghost film: From fragmented work to cosmic assemblages (

Cinzia Cremona, Intimations : videoperformance and relationality

Stuart Cumberland, Sensible Signs: Pictures and Not Painting After Conceptual Art

Aurogeeta Das, Exploring traditional and metropolitan Indian arts using the Muggu tradition as a case study

Nina DaninoExperimental Film – Catholic and Feminist Readings of my film 2010-2016 (

Su Fahy, Photography,memory and the archaeology of knowledgecontained in the family archive

Ana Janeiro Fernandes, Gazing at the family: archives, performance and Portuguese photography (1940-1975)

Layal Ftouni

Iram Ghufran, Situating documentary film in a speculative future: an
exploration in multispecies entanglements

Sue Goldschmidt, Aramaic Incantation Bowls and Contemporary Ceramic Art Practice

Paula GortazarTransitional Frames: From Normalisation to Democracy Czech and Slovak Art Photography (1968-1998) (

Sunil Gupta“Queer Migrations” (

Alasdair Hopwood, Misinformation as material : towards the use of cognitive psychology as a research tool for artists

Marine Hugonnier, Mapping the Politics of Vision: searching for a transformative gaze

monika jaeckelagency is molecular: moved by being moved to moving or co-constitution in intra-active knowledge production (

Alexandra Jonsson, The Body Politics of Data

Matthias Kispert, Clouds of discontent: art, work, solidarity and digital platform labour

Ralph Klewitz, Potentials and limitations of language in observing and interpreting art

Côme Ledésert, I IS ANOTHER: The fabulative filmic collaboration with someone recovering from addiction

Miranda Pennell, Film as an Archive for Colonial Photographs

Barbara Matas Moris, The Politics of Self-Representation

Michael Mazière, Testing the Curatorial in Artists’ Film and Video Installation

Georgina Mind, Women and the Practice of Studio Portraiture in Britain 1888-1914: Politics, commerce and constructions of femininity

Haley Morris-Cafiero, Reversing the Weapons: Recuperating the marginalised body with performative photography

Roz Mortimer, GhostsImagination and Theatrere-enacting the futural past through documentary film( /

Sarah Niazi, Cinema and the Urdu Public Sphere: Literary imaginaries in the making of film cultures in north India (1930-50)

mirko nikolic, minoritarian ecologies: performance before a more-than-human world

Fathima Nizaruddin, Nuclear hallucinations: creating the vantage point of tamasha through the use of comic modes and irony in order to destabilise the authoritarian knowledge claims of Indian pro-nuclear documentaries 

Treasa O’Brien, Town of Strangers: The Performative ‘Making-of’ Film and the Production of Reality

Sunyoung Oh, Curating Arts on the Edge of an Unstable Society

Jose Paulo, Public Service Broadcasting and the Construction of the Angolan Nation: Audiences’ perceptions of News at 8pm and Muangolé José Paulo

Alejandra Perez, Hacking Antarctica

Ingrid PollardHome and Away: Home, Migrancy, and Belonging Through Landscape Photographic Practice (

Bhavna Rajpal

Jini Rawlings, Dis-locations and Broken Narratives: articulating liminal and interstitial experiences through a series of moving image and mixed media installations

Paul Richards, Facebook Idio-Culture: How Personalisation Puts the ‘Me’ in Social Media

William Saunders

Kerstin Schroedinger

Valentina Signorelli, Cinematic infernos: Digital technologies and the remediation of Dante’s Infernal imagery through the cinematic screen (2005- 2015)

Arne Sjögen, Diving: using fiction narrative and intermedial assemblage to understand family histories in colonial India between 1933-1947

Steve Smith, Finding the material of memory : sketch for a palimpsest

Deniz Sözen, The Art of Un-belonging

Jelena Stojkovic, Out of sight : surrealism and photography in 1930s Japan

Zahed Taj-Eddin, Egyptian faience: ancient making methods and consideration of technical challenges in sculptural practice

Steve Tanza, The Emergent City (2007- 2017): Artistic explorations of the control and the ethics of data

Nicola Triscott, Art and Intervention in the Stewardship of the Planetary Commons: Towards a Curatorial Model of Co-inquiry 

Clare Twomey, Ceramics Collections: exploring object engagement beyond the known historic models of clay practice

Vita Upeniece, The Representation of the Violated Body and its Spectatorship: the Negative Approach (1970s to 2016)

Francesco Arese Visconti, Re-thinking Photographic Portraiture of 21st Century Italian Migrants in the Arc Lemanique Area

Lucas Guingue Valencia, A social history of a so-called “Golden Age” of music industrialization: production in Colombian recording and sound technology industries, 1949-1963

Ruth West, Dataremix: Aesthetic Experiences of Big Data and Data Abstraction

Adrian York, Transforming musical performance: activating the audience as digital collaborators

Camille Waring

Tianqi Kiki Yu

Wubin Zhuang, Documenting as Method: Photography in Southeast Asia

Cecilia Zoppelletto, Colonisation Through ‘Development Films’: Constructing And Re-Constructing The Zairian Spirit On Film

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