Doctoral Programme


© Côme Ledésert, Nur für Heute

Sunil Gupta, "Untitled #22”, from the series, "Christopher Street", New York 1976, Silver gelatin print: 60.7 x 91.7 cm

monika jaeckel, signalling - at the molecular level, performance at Ambika P3 (2019). Performers: Giulia Iurza, Monika Jaeckel, Francis Maskens, Livia Massarelli, Georgia Munroe, Gloria Trolla, Tom Wohlfahrt, Louiseanne Wong

Andreia Alves de Oliveira, "Lobby, Advertising agency". From The Politics of the Office, 2010-14

Roz Mortimer, Film still from: THE DEATHLESS WOMAN - feature, Wonderdog Films 2019

Estéfani Bouza, Photographic panel 3 from the project ∞ (2017-current), 50x70cm.

Paula Gortazar, 'EU Parliament, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak Building, Room 03H01', from Common Space, 2011

Nina Danino, Film still from: Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara (2016) 12 mins 16mm, black and white, silent film

Georgina Mind, Women and the Practice of Studio Portraiture in Britain 1888-1914: Politics, commerce and constructions of femininity

George Clark, Offerings for a ghost film: From fragmented work to cosmic assemblages (

monika jaeckel, agency is molecular: moved by being moved to moving or co-constitution in intra-active knowledge production (

mirko nikolic, minoritarian ecologies: performance before a more-than-human world

Côme Ledésert, I IS ANOTHER: The fabulative filmic collaboration with someone recovering from addiction

Gilbert Calleja, Ethnography and experimental non-fiction storytelling: relating the experiences of Maltese Fishermen (

Indranil Bhattacharya, The Digital Turn in Indian Film Sound: Ontologies and Aesthetics

Roz Mortimer, Ghosts, Imagination and Theatre: re-enacting the futural past through documentary film ( /

Estéfani Bouza, Taming Contingency : Photography at the Crossroads between Collections, Archives and Atlases

Sunil Gupta, “Queer Migrations” (

Paula Gortazar, Transitional Frames: From Normalisation to Democracy Czech and Slovak Art Photography (1968-1998) (

Nina Danino, Experimental Film – Catholic and Feminist Readings of my film 2010-2016 (

Silvia Angeli, Catholicism in Italian cinema in the age of ‘the new secularisation’ (1958-1978)

Ingrid Pollard, Home and Away: Home, Migrancy, and Belonging Through Landscape Photographic Practice (

Andreia Alves de Oliveira, The Politics of the Office: Space, Power, and Photography ( / riverboatsinnerthoughts)

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