Monument: From Controversy to Care

To mark the dismantling of Monument at the Zuiderzee Museum after ten years, Clare Twomey engaged with the visitors of the museum in a participatory artist project: Monument – the golden thread.  Visitors were given the opportunity to select a historic tile from the sculpture, which were then registered in the name of the new owner and provided with a golden wax seal and authentication by the Zuiderzee Museum.

In a conversation convened by the design historian Tessa Peters with Erik Schilp and Clare Twomey, they reflect on the role of the sculpture and the changes it has witnessed in museology, society and culture. Read a transcript here

Beyond the Object? A conversation between Clare Twomey and Phoebe Cummings

The following text is an edited transcript from a conversation between Phoebe Cummings and Clare Twomey after the seminar for Beyond the Object held at Uppsala Konstmuseum.  Both artists talk about their individual practice and research during the seminar. Read a transcript of the conversation here.