Sunyoung Oh

Sunyoung Oh is an independent curator and researcher taking a Ph.D. course by published work at the University of Westminster. She is also a founder and director of Project 7 ½. The main concern of her curatorial practice, since 2014, has been to explore the interaction of contemporary art and society, particularly the role of creativity in expressing the identity of a culture and region. She investigates how regional communities in Korea and Indonesia are connected, extended, and formed by arts, focusing on the “relationships” and “differences of perspective” that emerge in this process. In her research project, the historical context played an important role in determining the project’s location.
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Art and Society

Explored through performance, installation, and ceramics, and between art and science, the diverse practices of CREAM researchers in this area are drawn together for their emphasis on critical and collective engagements with the question and role of art and society.