Massimiliano Fusari

Massimiliano Fusari

Massimiliano is a digital consultant, scholar and results-driven visual strategist with established education and professional experience from Morocco to China. Since 1994, he has been focusing  on the politics of representation of the Muslim world, and worked in a wide variety of roles to bridge academia with the media industries, with the final aim of producing interactive communication for online projects.

After a series of funded collaborations with IOM and UNESCO, I was awarded a PhD at the University of Exeter (2014), assessing, both in theory and practice, the ontological shift from the photograph to the Meta-Image, which has become the core of my current research: The Image As Storytelling. Through his 2014 AHRC Post-Doctoral fellowship at the University of Durham, Massiliano further developed his PhD findings using a research on the Cairo Tentmakers, to finalise the notion of ‘Post-Produced Communication’ and of ‘The Meta-Image.’ The interactive multimedia project is visible on his online laboratory

Massillon uses all available media to impact current cultures, from popular magazines to online platforms, from exhibitions to academic publications and hands-on workshops.  As a recipient of a variety of grants and scholarships in support of my independent projects and academic collaborations.  The latest one focuses on the production of the mobile App of ‘The Meta-Image’ through a generous fund of the QHT in collaboration with the University of Westminster.

His current focus of research is on The Image As Storytelling, as a practice-informed framework of analysis for the renewed role the visual is taking up in contemporary societies.

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